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Hikers Hostel at Lynwood

Welcome to our Hikers Hostel. Cyclists welcome!

Camp by the river, stay in the bunkhouse or on a comfy cot in the Gathering Room. Enjoy a shower and a ride back to the trail. Our Resupply Store will help you restock and get you on your way. We have oxygen available.

Call for availability and shuttle service.
H-303-838-4243. M-303-885-1415.

Shuttle service provided for our guests only.

We have a bike rack out back and ask about our movies.


camping spot
Camping at Lynwood
Camping Fee Per Person   Bunk House Fee Per Person
1st tent $25.00 a night   Includes: Nice heated outdoor shower, one towel, port-a-potty, microwave, coffee in Store, one load of laundry,and a one-way ride to or from Rolling Creek $35
2nd tent $15.00 a night    
Shower $5.00   Ride to or from Kenosha Pass $20.00
Ride to or from Rolling Creek $10.00   Laundry - extra loads after one $5.00
Ride to or from Kenosha Pass $20.00      

Bunk House
  Gathering Room Fee Per Person
  Includes: Comfy cot, indoor bathroom and shower, one towel, kitchen, one load of laundry, and a one-way ride to or from Rolling Creek $45.00
  Ride to or from Kenosha Pass $20.00
  Laundry- extra loads after one $5.00
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